Buying a Dental Practice in London

Buying a Dental Practice in London

Mediclub provides dentists with specialist independent financial advice during the process of buying a practice in London. We offer professional advice, risk management support and resources to help our clients ensure that the transfer to their new practice runs as smoothly as possible.

There are many obstacles to completing a purchase, but we guide you through all the financial and legal matters of acquiring a dental practice. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, you’ll find in Mediclub a partner you can trust. We support you to achieve your goal, whether it is establishing your dental business, finding an attractive option to buy, or helping you to secure a comfortable future.

Buying a Practice

Buying a dental practice in London involves evaluating the practice, securing finance, hiring a dental practice broker and more. Throughout the complex process, Mediclub will point you to the right service providers and give you advice on the best actions necessary.

We ensure that our clients are properly cared for by leading dental practice brokers, and that our clients enter the negotiation process well prepared and with a realistic sale price value. We also guide our clients in their financial presentation to lenders as well as structuring their finance in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner.

Why Choose Mediclub?

As well as having reliable and independent financial advice when buying a dental practice, choosing Mediclub also gives you the opportunity to work with the well-established UK sales firm Lily Head Practice Sales. Experienced, consumer-oriented and personal, the company offers a level of care similar to ours. Should you choose Mediclub, our connection with Lily Head Practice Sales entitles you to their specialist services, such as dental practice evaluations, at a discounted rate.

Ready to Begin?

Mediclub is dedicated to helping dental professionals achieve favourable results in the pursuit of growing their practice or starting one of their own. As a consumer-oriented firm, we choose to nurture clients and develop long-term professional relationships over making a quick sale.

Get in touch with us today and let us know what you want to achieve.