Specialist Medical Solicitors

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 7th, 2013

Medics and dentists should only too readily appreciate the importance and value of the specialist practitioners within their sectors. The use of specialists within financial services is no less important but, for some reason, it often seems to be overlooked. We regularly receive telephone calls and emails from members asking questions that require specialist knowledge and experience to answer. At MediClub, we will refer members to the relevant specialist when and where appropriate.

One such specialist is the solicitors, Morrisons, based in Redhill. With other offices in the South East, Morrisons offers a full range of legal services, including a specialist dental unit, headed up by Louise Fegan and Sarah Hillebron.

Whilst they will obviously charge, upon instruction, for the specialist work that they do, both Louise and Sarah are very happy to speak with MediClub members over the telephone without charge or obligation to offer advice and guidance.

This is in sharp contrast to another well-known firm of solicitors in this sector who, after giving one of our members some advice over the telephone, promptly followed it up with an invoice for a couple of hundred pounds without so much as any indication as to the fee that was likely to be charged. It is often only by speaking to a specialist that you really appreciate just how specialist their expertise is, and this will be of particular importance when buying or selling an NHS dental practice.

Should you require any specialist advice or guidance, or simply a second opinion, then please contact us either by telephone or email and we would be pleased to refer you to the appropriate specialist, be it an accountant, solicitor, valuer, insurance broker or pensions consultant.