Professional to the core, holistic advice and wise counsel! “What’s in it for them” I have been fortunate to have been advised on all things insurance, finance and even career advice by this fantastic gentleman Jeremy Howard, of Mediclub. He is so modest that I am sure he would rather I didn’t post this. This photo was taken at 10pm on a Monday night! Why? Well Jeremy was doing what he always does best listening to my current situation and then giving fair advice. Not just what works best for him and also not only what I want to hear. The brilliant thing about Jeremy is that if he doesn’t know an answer, he has a group of contacts that will definitely know. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy for any Dentist looking for bespoke and fair financial advice having worked with him Since 2007. Thank you so much for going the extra mile. Please feel free to direct any questions relating to finances, insurances and practice purchasing to pensions.
Olumide Ojo


It really would not be an exaggeration to say that without Jerry’s astute advice, his extensive contacts and his hard negotiating for us that our practice re-location would not have gone ahead on time… possibly at all.

We had been put in touch with various bank managers by a quite well regarded firm of financial advisors, but these managers were not specialists in the dental/health sectors and it became quite clear, quite quickly that they couldn’t deliver the financing that we needed. Jerry, however, was able to, apparently at the drop of a hat, set up meetings for us with a range of banks such that we could choose the deal best suited to us.

We came away with the feeling that not only did Jerry have an impressive range of contacts and deep knowledge of this sector, but the way he followed things up, chased the people to meet deadlines and generally so astutely guided us through the whole process, that he has saved us not only a large sum of money, but a priceless amount of stress in an already stress-ridden process.
Nelson Poon. BDS MClinDent. [Prosthodontics] LDSRCS
Principal Dentist


I have known Jeremy for thirty years. He has looked after me ever since I qualified as a dentist. He has guided me through the financial jungle, helping me and my family with the acquisition of my practice, arranging the best insurances as well as pensions and investments. He has looked after me from graduation almost through to retirement. We have worked and grown old together, although I’d like to think that there is life in us both yet!

I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family. Without Jeremy looking over my shoulder, I could have taken a wrong turn at any time. Indeed, I have but he pulled me back into line. Thankfully, my family and I can look forward to the future with optimism and prosperity.
Manoj Dhuna
Principal Dental Surgeon, Basildon


I joined MediClub during my days as a registrar in Obs and Gynae when, with a wife and young family, finances were tight and the pressure was on. Jeremy kept me afloat, helped me climb the property ladder and lay the foundations for our future. With a growing family and the increasing demands on my time a result of my burgeoning business as a specialist in multiple miscarriages, Jeremy ensured that I had the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of incapacity or premature death, there were not only sufficient funds to meet our obligations and commitments but that they were structured in the most cost effective, tax efficient and flexible manner.

MediClub has been instrumental in the securing of the finance required for the acquisition and setting up of the New Life Clinic in Epsom, a centre dedicated to Fertility, IVF and maternal well-being. Jeremy works more hours than an SHO and is on call for his clients virtually 24/7 which can prove invaluable in times of unexpected emergencies. Whilst I make my own decisions, Jeremy makes sure that all the options are carefully explained and that any decision is based on an informed choice.
Dr Hassan Shehata
MBBS(hons) FRCOG FRCPI Consultant gynaecologist & CEO of The New Life Clinic 


Jeremy provides expert help in a very difficult area. I have found him to be fully trustworthy and a pleasure to do business with.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.
John McKean
Dental Surgeon, Portugal


I have been a member of MediClub since qualifying 21 years ago. (I have been through 5 accountants, parted company from a business partner and separated from a long term boyfriend but remained with Jeremy throughout!). During my time as an associate, partner and now as a sole practice owner/principal his advice and support has been second to none.

Jeremy has assisted me with investments, loans and insurance policies whilst tailoring them to suit my needs. He has always taken an interest in my Career path and subsequently given what I consider to be the best financial advice and guidance; therefore I cannot recommend him enough.
Dr Sarah Cuffin BDS
Owner Smile Studio, Penarth